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Learn how the Amerifund CPA Partner Program can increase your revenue and provide value to your clients while we do the heavy lifting for you.

Loan Origination For CPA’S

Tax Preparer Loan Origination Program

Tired of being an unpaid lender’s assistant?

How many hours of your time and staff time was spent helping clients with loan application paperwork and CPA letters answering silly questions from underwriters? Have you been stiffed when trying to collect fees for the time spent? Was it worth it?

Did your clients get upset when they were billed for your time? Did they expect that the backflips you did to help them get their loan was part of your flat annual fee?

At Amerifund we believe that as their trusted advisor, you have a right to be legally compensated (beyond your regular fees) for the value you add. We can help you create that extra revenue stream that many of your colleagues are enjoying today.  We have created a simple step-by step program to help you get the licensing you need quickly and painlessly!

Why join the CPA Partner Program?


Spend as little as 1 hour on each closed loan! Now you can get paid for all that loan advice you give!


Our team provides all the back-office services and consumer facing support!

Huge Benefits

Earn thousands and retain your clients in your book of business!

Ready to add to your business? Join today and get started.

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Easy online Course

We will walk you through the process of obtaining the required licenses, all of which can be done online at a discounted rate.


Receive License!

After passing your state’s required licensing exams, you can begin earning money on your client’s mortgage loans!

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