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Join a team where your talent in home loan services shapes dreams into reality. At Amerifund, we offer robust support, extensive training, and tools to support you on your path to success.

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A Path For Every Loan Originator.

Explore opportunities with us and discover how you can make a meaningful impact in the mortgage world, one client at a time.


Realize Your Potential

  • Personalized mentorship programs
  • Structured onboarding process
  • Access to a network of seasoned professionals
  • Learn from the best to become the best


Maximize Your Efficiency

  • Dedicated support staff
  • Cutting-edge technology for seamless transactions
  • Administrative assistance tailored to your needs
  • Clear the clutter and unleash your potential


Keep What You Earn

  • Industry-leading commission structure
  • Business autonomy to do things your way
  • Freedom to focus on your strengths
  • Capitalize on your experience and expertise

More than mortgage

Why Amerifund?

Amerifund is built on a foundation where our customers have always come first. We recognize the fact that supporting and empowering our sales team is what drives our business. We don’t believe in sales versus operations. In fact, for us it’s the opposite. We strive to create a space where there is room for everyone to shine. Each person on the team shares a genuine commitment to providing top notch service not only to our customers, but to each other and our referral partners. We understand and embrace the concept that everyone brings a unique set of skills and we work best when we combine our talents toward our common goal.

operations and support


At Amerifund, we handle all processing in-house, ensuring exceptional service for our Loan Originators and clients. We’re sharing this internal video-memo publicly to showcase our commitment to operational excellence and transparent communication, reflecting the values and integrity that drive our work in the industry.

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In which states is Amerifund licensed?

Amerifund is rapidly expanding. You can see all the states we currently serve and which states we expect to be in next at

What products and services does Amerifund offer?

Some of our product highlights include:

  • FHA 
  • VA 
  • Conventional (including high balance) 
  • Jumbo Fixed and ARM 
  • Renovation (including FHA 203k) 
  • Reverse 
  • Helocs/2nds DSCR
  • Bridge Loans 
  • DSCR
  • Private Money/Hard Money
  • Non-QM (including bank statement and Foreign National loans) 
  • If there is a product you need and we don’t currently have it, we will get approved to offer it!
How is Processing handled?

Amerifund has a team of experienced in-house Processors who will handle your loans from lender submission through closing – including issuing and following up on initial disclosures. Unless you prefer to be the main point of contact, your Sr. Processor will communicate directly with the borrower(s), Closing Agent, Title Company and Real Estate Agents to update them on status and obtain all conditions needed to close your loan. You will only be re-involved if a program, rate or fee question arises which needs your expertise. You can focus on originating loans – which is your highest and best use while being copied on status updates to your clients and referral partners with assurance that they are getting top notch communication and service! 

How are credit reports handled?

Amerifund is set up with a nationwide credit vendor. You will need to create your own sub-account under our company ID and set up direct payment of your credit report invoices. If you decide to pass the credit report fee on to the customer, your Processor will bill them through closing and Amerifund will include the credit report fee reimbursement in your commission check. 

What am I responsible for as a Loan Officer?

To put it simply, we want you to ORIGINATE! With that in mind, we’ve built an experienced, structured operations team to support YOU and your business and allow you to focus on the thing you are best at – being a Loan Officer!   

Loan Officer Responsibilities:  

  • We guide you through all the steps needed to build your business.  Use our creatives, or design and develop your own marketing, advertising and prospecting strategy (all marketing materials must show all required licensing and company logo information and must be approved by Amerifund’s marketing department before finalizing).
  • Field all incoming leads and facilitate the loan application and supporting documentation. 
  • Review your client applications/documentation to determine their qualifications and provide guidance on the best loan options. 
  • Shop, price and lock your loans with one of our approved Wholesale Lenders. 
  • Send the complete file to the disclosure team who will prepare and send your disclosures, follow up for receipt and if your file is complete they will send it straight into the processing department for submission to the lender.  
  • No more chasing down conditions 
  • No more follow ups with the lender for status 
  • Spend your time doing what you love – networking, prospecting and originating loans!  
What systems and software does Amerifund use?

Our Loan Origination Software LendingPad is also our Point of Sale system! This makes the customer experience seamless as they can apply and upload documents not only at the start of the loan but throughout the process without having to create a separate system login or email things back and forth. The LendingPad LOS license is included in your monthly tech fee. 

We use a customized CRM called AceCRM which has built in lead management automation to help you manage your database. This CRM is also included in your monthly tech fee.

Additional pricing and loan presentation tools are available at an additional cost.  

What additional support is offered?

Concierge to walk you through your first 5 loans

LOA services

Amerifund Central (Internal hub for lender information, links, videos, training, and more)

Lender Spotlight

Reverse mortgage coaching

Exclusive active chat channels to support quick answers to loan scenarios

Mentor Program (one-on-one)

Are there hidden fees or requirements?

Our loan officers appreciate that we are transparent in pricing. You work directly off the investor’s rate sheet whether brokering or banking a loan. We are not one of those companies that boasts about large commission splits and payouts only to discover that they nickel and dime your net check so that your commission is no different that if they would have just been honest about the lower split to begin with. What you see is what you get. Our Loan Officers are empowered with high commission splits and can price their loans with either Lender or Borrower Paid compensation at their discretion based upon the needs of the client. No “prior approval” is required. Additionally, there are no layers of management each taking bps out of the pricing so you can’t be competitive.

What are some of the benefits of working with Amerifund?
  • Complete in-house processing support from disclosures through closing
  • Preferred pricing with a wide variety of lenders offering Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, Reverse, Renovation, and Non QM loan options
  • Opportunities for growth, including management and recruiting in multiple states
  • Benefit with overrides for helping grow Amerifund. Receive a perpetual override for any loan officers you help bring aboard!
  • Personalized page on our website with photo, bio, and link to your own loan application portal
Does Amerifund offer lead generation services?

Amerifund does not sell or provide leads to Loan Originators. Instead, we provide comprehensive training, marketing support, and best-in-class technology to help you to build a sustainable business for years to come. 

Does Amerifund have a Reverse Mortgage Division?

Yes, we have an entire division dedicated to reverse mortgages. Check out to learn more.

Can Amerifund help me get licensed in additional states?

Absolutely, we’re here to help you grow your business as much as possible. If you want to expand your footprint into new states, we’re happy to help.

As a broker owner, can I bring my business to Amerifund?

Yes! We have several branches that joined Amerifund as a team. Our “Powered By Amerifund” program means you can keep your current branding, while still enjoying the benefits of Amerifund such as our licensing footprint, internal processing, managed HR, and managed compliance.

Do you feel like every month you start over?

As you work you should be building a sustainable business that will continue to feed your production throughout your career.

At Amerifund, we have developed the formula to help you do just that. We don’t just share the tools with you – we’ll also be there to guide and support you every step of the way because we believe that your success is our success.

Find out why our average team member has been with us for close to 2 decades!

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